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RT @PHONEQUEST: @muyinteresante recomiendo ir al @mibamuseum q ahí podéis pedalear las calorías n la máquina d vending a pedales inventada por @Pep_Torres

RT @desdelsofa: expo dels GRANS inventors #CordemariaSabastida gràcies a @mibamuseum esteu convidats! 14dejunyde 9-10h #creativitat http://t.co/50OX5cNECS




Little inventors contest.

1. 5-12 years old kids imagine and draw an invention.

2. We select 3 winners every month.

3. Each one is awarded with a free patent.

4. A pro team will build a prototype of the winner inventions.

5. At the end of the year we'll exhibit all the winners inventions around the world.

In collaboration with "Taller Creatiu Bermac", "J. Isern Patentes y Marcas", and "Escola d'ART del Treball".

More information:

to participate in the mini miba call us +34 933327930, or send an email to hola@mibamuseum.com.