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History of the MIBA


miba is the latest step in the professional development of Pep Torres, a step that seemed inevitable after more than 13 years working in the fields of invention and creativity. A meticulously planned project with a solid concept, it supports and drives creativity and invention through inspiration, education, communication and building relationships with the leaders of innovation at every level; contributing value to the field from which it came.

It was with this in mind that miba was designed from the very beginning to be replicated in other cities (in the second phase of development) under the guidance of miba Barcelona.

miba is, above all, a 'hands-on' project, whose aim is to awaken latent talents and to provoke the visitor into action; in short, that all those who enter miba leave with a burning need to put their ideas into action immediately.


miba museum is a private project that doesn’t receive (neither looks for) public fundings and has the aim of encouraging innovation and entrepreneurship of individuals through motivation and creative inspiration.


Pep Torres, founder and director of Stereonoise. Born in 1965 in Barcelona, he responds to a specific profile of renaissance man; he operates as professional inventor, musician, designer, writer, creative and TV and radio program collaborator.

His inventions and creative proposals went around the world in multiple occasions what made him appear on the front page of prestigious newspapers such as The Wall Street Journal. In 2005 he create Stereonoise brand; a company that worked on the invention of new products to create media impact. This year 2011 he has founded miBa, the museum of ideas & inventions of Barcelona. miba emerges as the inevitable step in his career, which began over 13 years ago in the world of creativity and invention. The project is a robust, well thought out concept as the main support, conveying creativity and invention through inspiration, training, communication and the protagonistsʼ relationship with innovation on all levels; increasing value in the area where it is situated.

Pep Torres became a creative well-known enterprising man for its passion for creativity and invention. In addition, he elaborated several speeches focused on how to generate creativity in any professional sector, how to motivate employees, and he reaches what he cares thanks to his sens of humor.

Darrera el miba

Darrera el miba