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RT @PHONEQUEST: @muyinteresante recomiendo ir al @mibamuseum q ahí podéis pedalear las calorías n la máquina d vending a pedales inventada por @Pep_Torres

RT @desdelsofa: expo dels GRANS inventors #CordemariaSabastida gràcies a @mibamuseum esteu convidats! 14dejunyde 9-10h #creativitat http://t.co/50OX5cNECS




How to use the miba


1ToiletsYou can’t miss our creative toilets

2PeriscopeYou can see what’s under your feet

3SlideUse it to go down. It’s amazing!

4Unlimited societyPrototypes of independent inventors

5ShopBuy inventions you’ve never seen before

6Huge DoorBecause great ideas make you feel small

7Glass entranceFeel what’s like to walk in the air

8ReflectionariumYou’ll say “why didn’t I think of that?”


10Corner of the absurdPrepare yourself for the funniest inventions

11Kids spaceYoung ones will love our invention contest

12ResonateTry talking here. Your voice will echo around you

13The classA place to relax & read magazines

14The Great TBO InventionsThe Great TBO Inventions

15Emergency ExitJust for you to know where it is