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Ideas to take away with you!

The miba shop offers a selection of the museum’s top inventions as well as unique items and limited pieces found at invention fairs all over the world or sourced directly from the inventors themselves.

All items are grouped into three categories: inventions, books and magazines, and merchandising.

Opening times:
Mondays closed.
Weekdays from 10 am to 7 pm.
Saturdays from 10 am to 8 pm.
Sundays and holidays from 10 am to 2 pm.
January 1, May 1, 25 and 26 December and January 6 closed.

Accessible to persons with reduced mobility.


Dieters Holzspielzeug

(Tübingen - Germany)

This toy is as simple as funny. Blow by the Ballonauto's "exhaust pipe" and the balloon starts to blow up. When the balloon expels the air, the cars goes running. Blow hard and your car will "fly off"!

PVP: 4.95€


Richard Smiedt

Make water better. Bobble fi lters the water as you drink. It’s carbon-based fi lter reduces odor, clorine and organic contaminants from regular municipal tap water.

PVP: 12.00€


Jordi Mas
(Barcelona - Spain)

Reusable and ecological wrapping. BOC’N ROLL replaces throw-away wrappings. It has been designed to carry sandwiches, fruit, biscuits, etc. Wrap your food adjusting the easy fastener to its dimensions. Use it as a tablecloth when eating. Clean up the plastic surface using a cloth or put it in the washing machine.

PVP: 6.95€


The best of the compact cameras is that they're small and you can take them easily anywhere you go. But, it's a problem when we want to lean it in somewhere. We always carry a bottle of water with us. So, why don't use the weight of the bottle to make a tripod? The Bottle top pod permits you to hold your camera on the top of any bottle!

PVP: 10.95€


Stephen Turbek

(Brooklyn - USA)

Bubble Calendar is a calendar with layer of bubbles to be able to pop one every day of the year. It's difficult to resist the temptation to pop all the bubbles at once. If you have a bad day and finish woth all of them, you can use it a normal calendar.

PVP: 19.00€


Grainne Kelly


BubbleBum is a booster seat for children between 4 and 11. It's easy to inflate and deflate. You can fold it and carry it easily around. Stop using those heavy and bulky booster seats and go to the BubbleBum!

PVP: 49.90€


Andreu Toys

(Barcelona - Spain)

The egg's fall. This is a problem for everybody. So, this game suggests us different constructions and inventions to avoid breaking the egg when falls. Funny and clever!

PVP: 16.00€


Gauri Nanda


Clocky is the previous model of Tocky. It have the same aim, run away when the alarm starts to beep. Clocky is simpler than Tocky, but with its wheels can run away faster!

PVP: 72.50€


Joe Tai

(California, USA)

There are a lot of stories about the places where the cans are stored in. If you're one of those people that likes to drink directly by the can, you should carry a Drinkin' Duck wherever you go. This can attachment permits you to drink directly by the can avoiding you swallow any little rubbish that could be on the can's top. It's in different colours and they have an ID to differ yours from another!

PVP: 3.95€


Antonio Molina

(Motril - Spain)

Dry Car finishes with the following doubt: what we can do with the wet umbrella when we go into the car. You can stick it with velcro behind the seat or on a side and you can save the umbrella there droping the water to the bottom. So we'll avoid getting the floor wet. 

PVP: 24.95€


Dominic Skinner
(Londres - UK)

For those that like a little biscuit to dunk in his coff e Dominic Skinner has designed this mug to hold them neatly inside the bottom. He was even smart enough to make right and left handed versions so there’s no worry of losing your cookies while taking a sip.

PVP: 19.95€


James Dyson
(Dorfolk, UK)

Bladeless fan Dyson Air Multiplier™ fan works very diff erently to conventional fans. It uses air multiplier technology to draw in air and amplify it up to 18 times, producing an uninterrupted stream of smooth air. With no blades or grille, a Dyson fan is safe, easy to clean and doesn’t cause unpleasant buffeting.

PVP: 299.00€


Cuisine internationale

Square boiled eggs, to stop them rolling, to cut them easier or for surprising guests.

PVP: 9.95€



Stefan Kolle
(Berlin - Alemania)


Katrin Oeding
(Berlin - Alemania)


Reginald Wagner
(Berlin - Alemania)


It’s easy to use, just spray that broccoli in gold and you may be able to tempt your kids... This food coloring spray can be used on a variety of different foods including fresh fruits and vegetables as well as cakes and cookies.

PVP: 34.30€


David Turpin

(Paris - France)

This funny and curious gadget is coming into fashion among some of the most fashionable famous people. You can plug these retro-designed earphones in any device with a mini-jack connection. Use them to call by you cellphone when you are at home or plug it in to your laptop to talk by Skype!

Avaliable in different colours!

PVP: 24.00€


Todd Greene

(Georgia, USA)

This blade is designed specially for people who need to shave their heads! A comfortable and perfect shaved is possible thanks to its design and its rubber surface!

PVP: 16.95€


Oriol Comas

(Barcelona - Spain)

Inventum is a game that promotes the effort and the team work necessary to develop a project. Try to arrive to the most achievement of the 20th century. Researchers, economic resources, technical equipment and time. These are the values that you will have to achieve your aims!

PVP: 26.95€


Hein Mevissen


Diederiekje Bok


World’s simplest mobile phone. John’s Phone allows you to make and receive calls anywhere. John’s Phone keeps things simple. John’s Phone requires no explanation. The speed-dial feature, which allows you to save speed-dial numbers under every number key, makes John’s Phone perfect as a kids’ cell phone. Phone is a large-key phone. The back of the phone features a flap containing an address book and a pen – this makes John’s Phone perfect for older users too.

PVP: 82.00€


Enrique Villacé
(Valladolid - Spain)

Umbrella holder. An inovative way of keeping both hands free while carring an umbrella during rain days. It is perfect for disable people, for those that constinously make phone calls or people that work in the street.

PVP: 15.50€


Mario Lai Martínez

(Castellbell i el Vilar, Barcelona)

the idea behind this product was to find a simple solution for anyone who hasn't got to grips with using chopsticks yet.

Laipals offers a new system which simply joins the chopsticks together so they can be used in a pincer-like motion to enjoy delicious Japanese food. The chopsticks also have a breakable seal to ensure first time use.

PVP: 3.00€


Alberto Freaza
(Pontevedra - Spain)

A handy cloth peg’s holder that allows users having the pegs always at hand when hanging or picking up your laundry.

PVP: 14.00€



(New York, USA)

Create your own melodies or make covers for music box of your favourite songs!

The Music Box Set includes the Happy Birthday song, three stripes unpunched and a hole punch for make your own creations!

PVP: 19.50€


Joaquim d'Espona (www.cactus-bcn.com)

(Barcelona, Spain)

Nomix is a new system to pair socks up. Avaliable in diferents colours to know which are your socks, Nomix allows you to wash, save or hang up you socks in pairs. Don't lost the other one again!

packs of 5 pieces!

PVP: 3.50€


The nose flute is a very common instrument, played in Polynesia, Africa, China and India among other places. This is the modern version of the flute, used to make strange sounds and tunes by blowing air out of your nostrils. Want to give it a try?

PVP: 3.50€


Margui Mora (Mallorca - Spain)
Design: Venticuatrodientes

The note’s pillow. Write, erase and write again. You can write all the messages you want on this pillow. To erase remove pillow case and simply rinse under cold water. Doesn’t need soap. Only use the pen provided.

PVP: 24.00€


Monica Bhatia 

Chelsea Briganti

Leigh Ann Tucker

Ingrid Zweifel


Avoid that an untimely call spoil an intimate and enjoyable time. Wrap the cellphone with the Phonekerchief and it will be left block. No calls, no texts, no whatsapps, no facebook or twitter updates. It's clear: My phone is off for you!

PVP: 14.00€



Plugy is an earphones jack accessory, a new fashion between japanesse teenagers. When you don't have you earphones plugged, plug in your Plugy and make your ipod, iphone, DS, or whatever... different of the others!

PVP: 5.95€


This folding chair take up very little space and permits you take it wherever you go! It's perfect to go fishing, to the beach, to camp, to filming,...

Although it's small and almost fits in a pocket, the Pocket Chair can support until 150kg!

PVP: 15.00€


Nadine Meisel


This simple device allows us to mix all kinds of liquids, froth up the milk, whip cream and egg whites or mix sauces in a manual and efficient way.

PVP: 5.95€


Luckies of London

(Londres - UK) 

Scratch map is thought for people who like to travel. It's a map that you can scratch the different countries where you have been so they still differentiate on the map in colours. That way we can see which parts of the world we know and what have not yet been discovered.

Scratch map is avaliable in two sizes:

42x29,7 cm (22€)

81,9x58,2 cm (26€)

PVP: 22.00€


Pep Torres & Stereonoise studio

(Barcelona, Spain)

If you like send postcards when you travel, but you're fed up with the fact that anyone who saw the postcard could read what you have written, this is your invention! This sticker permits you hide the message of the postcard. The addressee only have to scratch the sticker and the text will be discovered!

PVP: 1.00€



Rebecca Miller
(Chicago - EEUU)


... They’re called “Shuella”… and as the name states, they are

simply that. “Umbrellas for your shoes.” Shuella came about because I was frustrated that every time it would rain or there was inclement weather, I had nothing fashionable and functional to wear that would protect my shoes. I looked everywhere and when I could not fi nd anything suitable, I designed and created them myself."

PVP: 39.00€


Barbra & Gene


Smitten is a globe thought for friends and, specially, lovers. It's a double mitten that allows you hold the hand of you dear couple while you are enjoying a walk.

The inventors got this idea while their honeymoon around Spain.

PVP: 15.00€


Entresuelo 1a

(Barcelona - Spain)

This mug has been specially designed to be able to dip cookies in milk or coffee without problem. TAÇA is thougth for big cookies lovers and allows you to dip cookies in it without breaking them!

PVP: 17.00€


Ignasi Giró (Honest&Smile)

(Barcelona - Spain)

The Love Box is the first hand-made video mixer for iPhone 4/4S. A low-tech gadget that alows you to mix front and back views in one single shot.

PVP: 48.00€


Frédéric Henry


Timeline is a memory game to know in which years the inventions from the cards were invented. Put some cards on the table by the side without date and try to put them in the right order. It really gets you hooked!

PVP: 20.00€


Gauri Nanda


An alarm clock for lazy people. No more hitting the snooze button for those extra 5 minutes in bed. When the alarm sounds, this clock jumps off the night stand and bumps around the bedroom until the owner gets up and turns it off.

PVP: 76.90€



Touch me!, with Plugy, are in fashion between japanese teenagers that like to decorate their iPhones to make it different of the rest ones. Touch me! are stickers in different colours and designs for the iPhones button.

PVP: 5.95€


(Barcelona - Spain)

Rear-view mirror for the back doors of the vehicles. It was patented to avoid traffic accidents caused by the opening of the back doors and don't be able to see if another vehicle (car, track, motorbike or bike) or a pedestrian is passing by at the same instant.

PVP: 15.00€


Diseños Woouf!

(Barcelona, Spain)

This is one of the Woouf! design studio pouffes. This inspiration behind these eye-catching pouffes was the desire to reinterpret and play with the size of everyday items.

PVP: 180.00€